Monday, May 06, 2013

My armour is flimsy, so thought she.

A warrior was she, a queen, reigning over millions. And yet, here she stands alone, defending what now are mere memories.
Her worshippers have turned away, her lovers gone astray. On her solitary stance, she is losing faith.

The flecks of ashes piercing through her eyes, the tears refusing to fall.
The crunch of the skull and the odd bone beneath her feat, pushes her in deep reverie...

There was a day of flowers and clouds and the sun... oh! the glorious sun..
There was a day of laughter, of shy smiles and coy glances.
There was a day when life was lived, alas! they're mere memories.

All evidences of life lived past have been destroyed, the devils' skulls hang around her.
All memories of love wiped away, says her blood-shot eyes.
She looks over the mound of skeletons left behind, a new moon, and she blinks her eyes.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shattered Glass

So the wind blew the windows open, there is no escape. I'm cowering behind a few scraps of paper, hoping, against all hope, that I look tall and strong.

Alas! I have lost all dignity and respect. A little bit here, a little bit there maybe, but I have nothing substantial.

Everything now is up in the air, exposed to all. Like grit in the eyes, the harsh memories keep me trapped.

If there was any escape, I have lost the last chance to run away. I, stuck here now, forever, cast in my wax mould, am blinking my lashes at the torrential rain now pouring in through the windows. Yet, no one comes to my rescue, my Knight has run away.

All I'm left with is this hot wax eating away my skin while the cold water gleefully chills my bone.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Its good to be home, not moving at all, dreaming of the life that has passed me by.
Its good to be home, doing nothing at all, dreaming of a life that I'd like to come by.

Its good to slow down, once in a while.
Capture the moments that would never come by.

Stand a while, by my side.
See through me eyes my joys and my hopes.
Feel the wet tears going down my face,
Do nothing to wipe them, just hold me a while.

I've seen a lot, heard more than I can,
The heat of the hatred and the cold of envy.
I've felt them all, all alone standing here,
Come here right with me and wipe them away.

Take me away, away from all,
In a place where time will not run away.
Take me home, where I can be,
Be everything I wanted and wish to be.

About Me

a wanderer.. drifting from space to space.. no fixed abode... wind my friend.. wanders with me from place to place!!